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Oklahoma State University

Bryan J. Ritter

Bryan Ritter
(405) 744-9345
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Located In: Stillwater, OK


B.A. Mass Communications


Ripley, OK

Advice for Future Students

Be willing to open yourself up to new experiences. Don't be afraid to reinvent yourself. Challenge your own ideas and your own limits. Going to college is about learning who you are as much as it is about learning what you want to do!

Why I love being an OSU Cowboy

I love OSU because it's so diverse! You will meet people from all over the world as well as people you never met before who grew up in the next town over. There are people from every race and creed and every walk of life, all in the same place. It's a vast marketplace of ideas! Yet, in the midst of all these diverse backgrounds, we are all one big happy family!

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