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Oklahoma State University

Spears School of Business

Business Club

The Spears School of Business provides the tools for students to pursue their passion. Whether their interests lie in sports, banking, music or designing high technology, business fundamentals learned from each Spears department make these endeavors attainable. One of the Spears School gems is the Center for Technology and Network Security, which houses the National Repository for Digital Forensic Information used by law enforcement officials worldwide. Another is OSU's School of Entrepreneurship, part of a campus-wide effort to promote entrepreneurship in higher education.

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Majors for the Spears School of Business



Major Options

  • Business Economics and Quantitative Studies
  • Pre-Law



Major Options

  • Commercial Bank Management
  • General

General Business

Major Options

  • Pre-Law

International Business

Management Information Systems

Major Options

  • Information Assurance
  • Data Science


Major Options

  • Business Sustainability
  • Human Resource Management
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Sports Management