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Oklahoma State University

Admission Requirements - Readmission Students

A readmission student is one who has attended OSU but was not enrolled during the immediate past semester (except the summer session). A readmission student must file an updated application and submit an application fee.

Students who left in good standing:

Hours Attempted GPA Required
1-30 credit hours 1.7
31 or more credit hours 2.0

All references to credit hours refer to college-level semester credit hours and exclude remedial and leisure activity courses. All references to GPA refer to retention/graduation grade-point average, as calculated by OSU Admissions personnel, using all college work attempted.

Students who left on probation or suspension:

A student who left the university on probation or suspension may be required to submit a readmission petition and undergo the readmission appeal process. This process includes a review of the student's academic record and gives the student an opportunity to explain why his/her past academic performance is not indicative of his/her ability to succeed. 

Readmission petitions must be submitted by noon the Thursday before the start of the term for which you have applied. Once your petition has been evaluated, you will be notified of the admission decision as soon as possible. If you have questions about the petition process, contact us at 405-744-5358.